Our Rules

Here at MurfreesFurs, we have a few basic rules that we require you to follow. By participating in our chats and/or events, you are agreeing to these rules.

  • 1) Do not participate in any form of harassment. This can include peer pressure, bullying, blackmail, purposeful misgendering, acting in a demeaning way, or calling names. Respect your peers.
  • 2) Do not post anything that could be offensive, discriminatory, or hateful. This includes slurs of any form, LGBT-phobic comments, racially discriminating manners, or any other sort of harmful, bigoted behavior.
  • 3) Please keep our environment drama free. We prohibit any toxic and/or abusive behavior in our server.
  • 4) Keep our network completely safe for work! We accept all ages, including minors. Any sort of inappropriate content such as gore, pornography, drug or alcohol talk, sexually explicit writings, or movies are prohibited. Songs are the only exception.
  • 5) Our group is not a place to vent. Please do not vent or discuss any sort of self harm. If you are in dire need of help, call a hotline such as The Trevor Project (https://www.thetrevorproject.org/).
  • 6) Please do not block our staff. We will not punish you if you do so, but this may mean you could not be informed of rule breaks or punishments due to our inability to contact you.
  • 7) If you are to attend our events, please respect the host’s space and environment! We are not liable for damages you may cause or lost / stolen items.

If a rule is violated, you will be issued a warning, mute, kick, or ban depending on the severity. 3 warnings will result in a removal from our server. You are able to request history of ANY moderation action taken against you by contacting one of our staff members and asking for an audit.

Staff will NOT abuse their powers. If you believe a staff is doing so, contact the group owner immediately.

Our group strives to be a safe haven for all, no matter who you are! We appreciate every one of you here and strive to keep this a safe environment for you all. Thank you for reading, and enjoy yourself!